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Our Tots complete the charity Toddle.


Celtic springs day nursery held a sponsored toddle around the nearby lake for charity. Parents staff and children all joined in for this brilliant event.

Around 50 children took part in a sponsored toddle to raise money and awareness for charity Cure Rett.

Celtic Springs Day Nursery in Newport, held their annual event at the Celtic Springs Lake which saw around 50 of their children aged four and under toddle round the lake. Quite a long toddle for the little ones, taking up to 25 minutes.

The fundraising event aimed to raise money for Rett Syndrome – a condition which causes severe physical and mental disabilities, after one child at the nursery was recently diagnosed with the condition.

Charlene Durston, nursery manager, was ecstatic as they raised a massive £3,172, twice the amount they had hoped for. This is an annual event, last year they raised money for the British Heart Foundation.

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