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Have a Splashing Time with TTS


Water play is essential in the Early Years; it is all about getting stuck into experiential play and letting children define the rules.

Water play is a great way for children to interact and co-operate with others, they can use their imaginations to create fun, exciting games that can be reinvented time and again. No matter what the weather children love playing with water and in the outdoor environment children can play with this on a big scale. TTS, leading supplier of award-winning educational and teaching resources to Primary and Early Years settings has a great range of resources to enhance the play opportunities with water.

Children will love the Rainbow Water Cascade (EY05235) priced at £599.95. Requiring no installation, practitioners can place this wherever it suits them within their outdoor environment. Providing a water cascading effect, children will love using the two pumps which are attached to the outer frame. One tube fills the overhead coloured dome and cascades water from above, the side tubing acts as a waterspout where children can fill water containers. The simple design allows children to enhance and extend their water play opportunities.

The Wheelie Sand and Water Box (EY05293), £149.95 is ideal for use with the Rainbow Water Cascade or on its own. Set on wheels, this sand and water container can be manoeuvred to wherever your setting needs it. Its lockable castors mean that it will stay put and can be filled with a variety of materials. The practical size makes it suitable for young children to access and the plastic tray can be lifted out to empty.

Children can enjoy hours of fun with the Water Pump Station (EY05103), £499.95. With this wonderful water trough children can pump the water themselves to experiment and explore the magical ways of water. Sourcing water from a large container housed in the wooden structure, water flows along a flexible tube so children can not only pump into the water tray but also to containers outside the tray if desired. The unit requires no installation and comes with a lid and a useful ledge which sits across the water tray to balance buckets and tools.

Imagine standing underneath water and watching it cascade down, whilst staying dry. Well this is what happens with the Wonderful Water Tunnel (EY05234), £599.95. Children can pump the water and watch it cascade down the clear tunnel walls and it looks even better when colour is added to the water. The sides have a ledge enabling the children to collect the water as it squirts down or alternatively standing in the tunnel as the water cascades creates a fun aquarium effect. The versatility of this resource means that when it is not being used for water play the Lexan walls can be used to be painted upon, it can be used with bikes and trikes or even a pretend garage. It is a great addition to outdoor provision as children can access the water independently, experimenting and exploring through play.

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