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New resources launched for parents whose children are starting school

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

PACEY, the professional body for childminders and day nurseries, want to ensure that parents have more help when it comes to overseeing their children starting school.

Having conducted a survey on how parents feel at this time, the body found that 71 per cent feel anxious about their child starting school, with 54 per cent saying they would like more help in confronting the process.

Chief executive Liz Bayram, comments: “We know that the first day of school can be a real cause of anxiety for many parents and that getting the support you need can be difficult. Our research shows parents are most worried about their child’s physical, social and emotional readiness to start school. Only 4 per cent were concerned about how their child will cope with increased academic pressures – a finding that is at odds with an ever increasing policy focus on educational attainment in a child’s early years”.

She continues: “Childcare professionals play a key role in supporting children and their families to prepare for this important transition in life. So we have developed new resources to give parents the information they need and help strengthen the partnership between parents and their childminder, nursery worker or nanny. Our resources can be used by parents, childcare professionals and teachers to get ready for school.

“We also hope, thanks to our partnership with Netmums, that more parents will be aware of the support their childcare professional can provide, not just in their child’s pre-school years but in the weeks and months that follow them starting school.”

Next week will see over 600,000 four-year-olds attend school for the first time, but the 48 per cent of parents who believe they are more anxious than their child about the transition can now benefit from a wide range of factsheets, videos and activity sheets now available on the PACEY website to help them.


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Boogie Mites UK Ltd

Boogie Mites UK Ltd

27 Aug 2014 11:13 AM

Lovely fact sheets and activities ideas for school readiness - I'll be pointing parents towards them. Boogie Mites also have a School Ready programme, which can support listening, communication, language development, phonics and numeracy. Parents can support the transition at home with the CD and booklet.