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Kiddi Caru Colchester Welcomes Five Beautiful Ducklings


There was not an ugly duckling in sight at Kiddi Caru’s Colchester day nursery when the children and staff welcomed five beautiful newly hatched ducklings into the nursery that they had been caring for over the past week.

The duck eggs had been sitting snugly in a special incubator provided by Norfolk Garden Chickens waiting for their time to hatch, with the children keeping a close eye on them. Over the week they also listened to lots of stories about ducks and learned more about the many varieties of ducks there are, and tried to guess which type their ducklings would be.

Laura Evans, Nursery Manager, said: “There was a huge amount of excitement in the nursery when the first cracks started to appear on the eggs and the children could hardly tear themselves away from the incubator! It was so lovely to see all the ducklings hatch out and I know the children will remember the experience for a long time. As if by magic an adult duck also paid a visit to our garden last week so the children got to see what their ducklings will look like when they’re fully grown too.”

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