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Ditching technology for one day every week will improve family relationships

Article By: Julia Corbett, News Editor

Families should have a ‘no technology day’ once a week to improve the health and fitness of children and boost family relationships.

The call has come from the head of membership at the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) Greg Small, who has outlined key tips for parents to follow this summer to improve the health of their children.

Greg Small, head of membership at the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) Mr Small said putting technology down for a whole day each week will help more families to spend time outside playing games and sharing new experiences with each other.

He said: “What we have to do now is ensure activity is a positive experience, it goes beyond ‘in my day we just wanted to run around’.

“We ‘ran around’ because we enjoyed it and obviously found it a positive experience – it wasn’t the health benefits we’d reap in later life that inspired our active lifestyles as young children.

“As parents we should explore options that aren’t as mainstream or as conventional as what we grew up with, but we need to realise that we are working with a different generation now, one that has much more choice; not only in this aspect of their lives, but right across them.”

Mr Small also warned parents to be wary of deceptive food packaging when trying to make healthy food choices and said providing colourful, varied meals is important to a healthy lifestyle.

Urging parents not to just play sport and games they enjoy with children, Mr Small said it is important to allow children to take the lead and choose activities which appeal to them most.

The REP regulates exercise professionals against UK national standards and holds a register of over nearly 30,000 exercise professionals available to the general public.


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