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Copper Beech celebrate Employee ownership day


“So good, we bought the company” Breaking out the balloons and home-made decorations, staff, children and parents at Copper Beech Day Nursery in Harborne joined nation-wide celebrations for Employee Ownership Day.

While politicians championed the idea in London celebrations, Copper Beech staff owners invited staff, children and parents to a garden tea party. Copper Beech’s Manager, Rebecca Harper, who has been with the company for 13 years, said:

“We are a unique partnership of shareholders invested in giving each and every child in our care the very best start in life. We are enormously proud of our nursery and our company.”

Wearing special commemorative T-shirts and caps, the staff created a display to explain what employee ownership meant at the nursery and helped children craft lasting reminders of the special day.

As Rebecca Harper explained, staff feelings of pride in their nursery and love of their work is rooted in the fact that as owners every employee has a voice and a role in the decision-making process which is great news for the children in their care.

“Ofsted inspectors have repeatedly told us that a happy and engaged staff team equals confident children ready to realise their full potential and make a positive contribution in the world. Working under the banner “we all contribute we all benefit” we believe this is as much about our children’s future as it about shared success now,” she said.

And to demonstrate the point, staff members and children worked together on creating a jigsaw puzzle piece – with photos and art work of the children –which was sent to company headquarters to join pieces from 46 sister nurseries throughout the South of England.

Copper Beech Day Nursery is part of the award-winning Childbase Partnership, one of only 108 UK organisations rated ‘Extraordinary’ by Best Companies in 2014, where every employee is a partner in the business and can take part in a ‘save n’ buy’ share scheme and benefit from ‘Buy One Get One Free’ deals.

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