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Kiddi Caru Northampton Participate in National Child Safety Week


Children and staff at Northampton’s Kiddi Caru day nursery took part in National Child Safety Week (23rd – 29th June) organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT).

CAPT's work stops children being killed, disabled or seriously injured in accidents - without wrapping them in cotton wool.

It’s the small things families and practitioners do every day that make the biggest difference to keeping children safe from serious injury and death in accidents.

As part of the activities the 2 – 3 year olds and pre-school children were invited to bring their bikes into nursery and learn more about how to use them safely.

Tracey Cairns, Nursery Manager, said: “We want our children to be independent – many parents including myself find it a difficult balance to encourage this without being over protective. The Child Safety Week is fantastic as it provides advice to parents and carers as well as to children at how to keep themselves safe.

“We wanted to encourage the children to bring their bikes in as this is one area that can be a bit of a battlefield for families. We talked about the importance of wearing a helmet for example, as we know some children really do not like to. It’s about doing what we can to help support our families as they go about their daily business.”

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