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Chicks hatch at Shellingford


It has been a very exciting start to the week in Shellingford as some of our chicks have hatched. When the children came into nursery on Monday morning, Sharon, Jade and Rhyanna took them into the garden to see something really special. The children have been keeping an eye on Pinkie the chicken over the last few weeks as she has been sitting on some eggs.

Everyday the children have been checking to see if Pinkie is ok and if any of her eggs have hatched. Over the weekend we have had some new arrivals at the nursery; so far we have 3 chicks. When we went out into the garden we sat by Pinkie’s hutch and Sharon asked us some questions about Pinkie and her eggs.

Sharon then opened up the hutch and showed us the oldest chick that was born on Saturday. We only saw the chick for a few minutes as the chick is very young and it still needs to be with its mummy to keep warm, eat and drink.

Sharon then showed us that Pinkie and her chicks have two small feeders. One for some water and one with some food. The food is much smaller than the food the other chickens have as chicks are only very small so they can only eat small food. Pinkie has taken really well to motherhood and we are hoping that a few more chicks may hatch.

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