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Jamie Olivers Food Revolution Day at Norden Road


On Friday 16th May children at Norden Road took part in Jamie Oliver’s food revolution day. The children made their own healthy rainbow salad wrap for tea which was used as a learning opportunity to raise awareness about healthy food choices.

FACT: Children who learnt to cook before the age of eight are likely to make as many as FIVE meals a week from scratch, later in life.

Food Revolution Day is a day of global action to keep cooking skills alive. It’s about celebrating the importance of cooking good food and raising awareness of how it impacts our health and happiness – we believe that starts with getting children excited about food by making cooking fun and inspiring a love of food that will last a lifetime.

WHY: Learning how to cook is one of the most valuable skills a child can ever learn. This knowledge used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now, with an overreliance on unhealthy convenience foods, millions of people lack the confidence and even the most basic skills to cook for themselves and their families. By educating children about food in a fun and engaging way, we’re equipping them and the generations to come, with the skills they need to live healthier lives.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the new tastes of some of the food products within the wraps and we will loo forward to continuing their awareness through our weekly cookery club sessions.

Thank you Jamie Oliver

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