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Establishing a Children's Council leads to award for Newcastle nursery

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Involving early years children in decision-making processes has earned The Co-operative Childcare Newcastle Nursery an accreditation from the Investing in Children scheme.

By introducing a ‘Children’s Council’ the nursery has given children the chance to choose their favourite colours and decorations for the interior, as well as considering their preferences for food and activities.

Nursery manager Denise Maddison comments: “We are committed to providing our children with a positive environment to play, learn and develop in, and this is why we are thrilled to have been awarded the Investing in Children accreditation which is a fantastic achievement for both children and colleagues.

“Our children spend a lot of time under our care so it is very important that they are involved in making key decisions about their environment. The Children’s Council has been a great initiative to introduce as the youngsters are able to see how their opinions have directly impacted the nursery. We will continue to encourage them to share their thoughts and make further developments to the nursery based on their feedback.”

By taking on board the children’s preferences, the nursery has created its own ‘cosy corners’ which offers quiet time away from other more active rooms.

The Newcastle Investing in Children membership has been established to encourage organisations that work with children and young people to engage with them and to encourage and respect choice.


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