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Jamie Olivers food revolution day


The children took part in Jamie Oliver's food revolution day today. They made rainbow wraps to have for their tea. To make the wraps the children used lots of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables including carrots, beetroot and pears. First of all we had to wash the fruit and vegetables and make sure that they were nice and clean. Then we had to grate the carrots, beetroot and pear into a big bowl.

We also cut some cabbage up into thin pieces to add to our bowl. Next it was time for the herbs, we smelt them first to see if we knew what they were and straight away guessed that one of them was mint. Along with the mint leaves we cut up parsley leaves and put them into the bowl. We then mixed all the ingredients together in the bowl and it looked really colourful. Before we made the dressing we crumbled up feta cheese and mixed it into the bowl.

Finally it was time to make the dressing, we had to add natural yoghurt, English mustard, cider vinegar and olive oil together and then gave it a big mix. We drizzled it over the ingredients and then it was time to make the wraps. We used spoons to spoon the mixture into the wraps and then rolled them up. At tea time the pre-school room and the toddlers ate the wraps up and said they were yummy.

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