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Two-thirds of British parents feel a 10-hour flight is fine for a young child

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

TravelSupermarket research has gathered information on the flying habits and opinions of British parents, which shows how families approach the task of flying with infants.

Key results, drawn from 1,300 individuals, include that two-thirds of parents consider a 10-hour flight with a child to be fine, although as little as four per cent would undertake travelling as far as Australia. On average, however, British parents are prepared to fly up to nine hours with a nine-month old, while 29 per cent of parents say they would not fly anywhere with a child of this age.

Travel expert at TravelSupermarket, Bob Atkinson, believes the findings shows parents are becoming more amenable to long-distance flights with infants.

He comments: “Travelling with young children can be logistically challenging, but air travel has become a lot more straightforward in recent years. The fact that Kate and William are prepared to take such a long flight with baby George, albeit with plenty of help, represents a huge vote in confidence for travelling with infants.”

Mr Atkinson continues: “Our research shows that British parents are willing to fly with young children, and have come to expect a certain level of assurance from airlines when they do. Parents today should have every confidence that they can experience a smooth flight with young children, providing they do their research online before they travel and ensure they aren’t caught out by the small print.”

The research shows that, on average, parents are only prepared to fly as far as Mediterranean destinations, such as Spain, Italy, Greece or Croatia, although the two-thirds willing to consider ten-hour flights might be looking at more exotic choices, such as the Caribbean or else New York.

For those who do decide a lengthy flight is an option, TravelSupermarket offer a number of top tips to ensure the journey goes as smoothly as possible. These include thoroughly researching bookings in order to qualify for infant rates; checking beforehand for baby changing facilities and play areas; considering NHS advice on the effects of flying on infants; and carrying ear plugs for other passengers out of politeness.


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