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kidsunlimited's £35,000 donation being put to good use


In 2012-13 kidsunlimited nurseries raised over £35,000 for South African charity Ikamva Labantu, in order to help rejuvenate some pre-schools in and around the Masibusiswe Township of Cape Town.

The overall aim of these rejuvenation projects is to ensure the safety of the children and eliminate all hazardous issues, such as unstable walls, roofs, leaking structures and exposed electrical installations and to enable as many pre-schools as possible to meet the minimum norms and standards of the Department of Social Development and become registered. Once registered, the pre-schools will be able to sustain themselves with access to government subsidies.

Since kidsunlimited made the donation in March 2013, Ikamva Labantu have been busy at work, by allocating funding to three pre-schools. All of the pre-schools were visited by kidsunlimited staff during their trip to South Africa in March last year.