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World book day


The children have been very busy with lots of fun activities around their favourite stories. The children in the baby room have been enjoying some cosy story sacks and exploring the puppets that go along with each story. They looked at the three little pigs and a big favourite was farmer duck. The children listened to the story and made the noises of the duck, cow, rooster and sheep in the story. They even tucked the animal puppets into bed when we had finished reading the story.

The children in the toddler room have enjoyed reading lots of stories in groups today. They read stories about cars and trains, they read the gruffalo and the gruffalos child which are always a favourite and they read pumpkin soup. The favourite story of the day was the hungry caterpillar so the toddlers decided to make their very own hungry caterpillar. They used round pieces of paper for the caterpillars body and its head, they then decorated the caterpillar using different sticking materials and glitter.

The pre-school children have had a whole day of world book day fun. They started off by reading the gingerbread man and decided to make their very own gingerbread man. The children mixed all the ingredients together in a bowl, rolled the dough out and then cut out the gingerbread men ready to cook.

Later on in the day the children got ready for a teddy bears picnic the set up a picnic area and all gathered their teddies. They then ate their gingerbread men while Amy read them a wibbly pig story. Earlier in the day the children had made their very own balloons like the ones in the wibbly pig book.

Finally the children wanted to rein act one of their favourite stories we're going on a bear hunt. We set up all the obstacles from we're going on a bear hunt in the garden and read the story. As we read the story the children worked their way through the obstacle course going through the long swishy grass and through the squelchy oozy mud. When the children tiptoed through the cave the found a bear at the end and all ran away as fast as they could.

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