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Come rain or sun Zedbug exercise is fun!

Article By: Zedbugs LTD

The Zedbug ® is a ‘mini-trike’ for 3 to 11 year-olds which is propelled simply by swinging the handlebar from side to side with hands and feet.

The Zedbug is ideal for inclusive fun and exercise on hard level surfaces at home, in playgrounds, sports halls and playrooms either individually or in teams for races and Zedbug - mounted ball games.

Rupert Pilkington first saw the Zedbug concept in Kuala Lumpur after seeing the playground favourite in action. Mr Pilkington said: “I must have watched him for a full 10 minutes. This small Malaysian four year old was zooming along the playground and clearly having the time of his life; yet there were no obvious pedals and no sound of a motor.” Having first imported Zedbugs in 2005, over 5,000 are now enjoyed by children in playgroups and schools throughout the UK.

Available in both red and dark blue, the Zedbug appeals to children aged between 3 and 11, with a wide range of ability , and impresses parents who can enjoy seeing their children get active.

With its chromed steel handlebar/footrest, polypropylene seat and skateboard wheels, the Zedbug is manufactured to British Standards EN 71 Parts 1 & 2 and EN 13613:2001. which means it will withstand the wear and tear that children are bound to give it.

Powered simply by the rhythmic side to side motion of the arms and legs it is safe (only a few inches off the ground), robust and stimulating. It exercises arms ,legs, and tummy muscles and helps develop motor skill, balance and co-ordination. It is particularly good for children who are not naturally energetic. With the Zedbug they can exercise at their own pace and have fun doing it.

Changes in diet, a decrease in physical activity and too much time spent in front of computer ,X box or television have been blamed for the growing number of overweight children worldwide. The Zedbug encourages children to exercise safely through stimulating play and to get into that vital ‘activity habit’.

The Zedbug is the ideal activity toy for Early Years, Infant/Junior/Primary age children. Small, compact (only 4 ½ kg) yet with its modern rugged construction, it is quickly cleaned and easily stored. Its non-marking wheels are at home indoors and out, on tarmac, concrete, lino, parquet flooring, indeed on any hard flat surface.

Used individually or as part of a team, the choices of play and activity offered by the Zed Bug are endless. Zedbug Hockey, Netball and Frisbee are just a few imaginative games we have come across while everyone loves to drive along the ‘track’ laid out on the playground with red and white cones. Children with Special Needs have also found the Zedbug both rewarding and fun.

The simple swinging motion comes far more naturally than the pedalling action needed for a bike and with 5 points of contact through the seat, feet and hands, balancing is far less challenging. Most important, the Zedbug’s stability and closeness to the ground gives children that vital sense of security which aids their confidence.

To summarise: “ The Zedbug ticks all the boxes” Here are just some of the many testimonials to the positive impact Zedbugs have on children in nurseries, playgoups, and primary schools throughout the country.

Clifton Hill Sports Centre, Exeter. User ages 4-10 “Great little toys. Easy to use and fun. I will recommend your product.”

Wall Heath Pre School. Children ages 3-5 years:“Storage in our setting is a problem, as the Zedbug is so light and compact it is ideal. The children mastered the technique of moving the Zedbug quite quickly” Hallmoor School, Birmingham with children aged from five to 11 said:“ Our children have learning difficulties and Zedbugs are excellent for gross motor development, spatial awareness, self esteem and fun.”

Cwn Glas Infants School, Mid Glamorgan, explained: “The children are very excited when it’s their turn to have the Zedbug. They are happy whilst exercising- so there is no time for bullying.”

Bickleigh-on-Exe C of E Primary School said: “Our children love them. Ever since we put Zedbugs in our toy library we have been inundated with £ 1.00s!!”

Storage trolleys are also available.

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