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Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery Bexleyheath Goes Live


New Bexleyheath Day Nursery opens it's doors to the public offering quality preschool childcare and an after school club.

After all the hard work Monkey Puzzle's newest day nursery in Bexleyheath is now officially open and embarking on its aim to provide the best preschool childcare in the area.

Owners, Parv and Jenny Choudhury, were ecstatic as the first of many preschoolers were welcomed onto the newly refurbished premises to begin their education.

"Following all the hard work and training to actually see this wonderful facility in operation has been humbling", explained Parv and Jenny, "we have left no stone unturned in creating, what we believe to be, an exceptional early years education facility, that offers every one of our children the maximum opportunity to develop their social and learning skills before moving on to primary school education."

The intensive planning and hard work of the management team and staff ensured that Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath ranks as one of the most successful introductions to the franchise's national day nursery network.

While there are still available places, Parv and Jenny expects that to become limited judging by the initial response of parents and children alike.

"When you see parents collecting their children and they aren't ready to leave and want to stay longer, you immediately know that you have fulfilled everything you aimed for when you started out, and all in a relatively short space of time!" said Parv and Jenny.

But it doesn't stop thereā€¦

Parv added, "We will continue to assess areas of the business, and the childcare we provide, to improve further so that Monkey Puzzle Bexleyheath is the number one choice for parents and children in our community."

Don't miss out on giving your child the best start on their educational journey, contact Jenny Choudhury to arrange a visit of the day nursery on 0203-6096911/07984467801 or visit our website, you won't be disappointed!

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