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New Childbase Partnership nursery showcases learning through play vision

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Hertford’s new River View Day Nursery (Hertford) has combined staff professionalism with versatile learning and play capabilities to impress its first visitors.

Nikki Furman-Jones Nursery Practitioner River View Opening

Becoming the latest addition to the portfolio of Childbase Partnership, the state-of-the-art River View drew positive responses when opening last week, from guests who included local MP Mark Prisk.

The MP for Hertford and Stortford commented: “The very strong support given to local staff is clearly at the root of company success with Ofsted and being the 8th Best Company to Work for in the country. Little ones know when something isn’t right so supported and happy staff clearly makes for happy children.”

Mr Prisk also praised the nursery design for prioritising the quality of secure outdoor play areas, saying, “I am delighted to see the emphasis placed on outdoor learning and play and the variety of equipment and opportunities available to the children in this marvellous garden.”

A commemorative plaque was unveiled to mark the occasion and guests were also impressed to see a variety of vegetables, berries and herbs that children are growing in the allotment area.

Mark Prisk MP and River View opening plaque

Key member of River View, Joanne Langley, spoke of how the new facility is ideal for staff to pursue a vibrant early years curriculum, saying:

“I am particularly delighted with the imaginative use of garden space which encourages the children into the fresh air all year round and whatever the weather. This is hugely important because imaginative play in a wider setting is fundamental to a child’s learning in advancing communication and planning skills and increasing self-esteem and improving social skills.”

“The emphasis is always on fun and ‘learning through play’ whether it is at the very latest interactive smart board or in our allotment area where children are picking up ideas in maths, science and environmental messages as they plant, tend and harvest vegetables and berries.” Children even have their own high visibility jackets and hard hats to wear when experimenting with child-sized building materials in the construction area.

As well as providing an ideal environment for age-specific learning, the nursery is also keen to embrace community life as much as possible and invited ninety-five year old neighbour Mrs Ivy Buck to attend. Mrs Buck is a former civil servant who assisted doctors when the building was a local surgery.

Childbase Partnership have a strong day nursery sector presence in the South of England, operating 42 facilities and being voted the country’s 8th Best Company to Work For in the Sunday Times.

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