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Nursery staff’s garden project improves lives for vulnerable refuge women and children

Article By: Julia Corbett, News Editor

Five women and children’s refuge gardens in Manchester have been transformed into child friendly areas by staff from ten kidsunlimited nurseries in a two day makeover.

The project, named ‘happy seedlings’, was set up to mark kidsunlimited nursery group’s thirtieth anniversary and worked with Manchester Women’s Aid to create an action plan to help improve the lives of women and children living in the refuges.

Jeremy Clark, development director at kidsunlimited, said “We wanted to do something special for our 30th birthday and decided this was the perfect project. I’m really impressed at how all of our staff, children and parents have fully supported this project. It’s been an inspiring experience and I hope the gardens will be enjoyed for years to come.”

Thirty employees took part in the two day makeover after nursery staff, children and parents from the ten kidsunlimited nurseries spent time prior to the event fundraising to raise money for resources needed to complete the transformation.

The aim of the project was to rejuvenate five gardens to create happy and bright places for vulnerable women and children to go to have fun in a safe environment for many years to come.

Lynne Warner, Finance Manager at Manchester Women’s Aid, said, “The children residing at the refuges come to us at a very vulnerable time in their lives. Many have experienced abuse, whether it be personally, or have been witness to it.

“In 2012 our Children’s funding was removed, therefore leaving us with very little resources for the children in the centres. The refuge gardens were very uninspiring before kidsunlimited came along. The Women and Children are overwhelmed by the hard work, commitment and passion that has been put into the gardens and they now have a place they can go to play safely and be happy in.”


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