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Croydon Seize the Opportunity


The Croydon Opportunity Pre-School Group caters and provides education and care for children with a variety of special needs, and their families. When they decided to resurface their existing paving slabs, they contacted Tact with specific criteria for the project.

The new play area needed to optimise the space available and provide a safe, colourful and exciting environment to stimulate the children during outdoor playtimes. In addition, the project needed to be completed quickly and prove to be the most cost effective option available.

Tact’s Sales Director, John Highnam set about creating a design that would incorporate two themes; a hopscotch grid to increase physical games and black and white chequered tiles for additional learning activities. In the second part of the play area, Tact’s contract team created a parking bay area for use with cars and bikes and ‘roads’ for their frequent toddler shopping trips!

Tact installed their ‘Pedestrian’ TactTiles in a variety of vibrant colours and the project was successfully completed in an impressive two days.

Group Co-ordinator, Chris Watts, was most enthused by the completed project’s success. ‘Our new play area has continued to be much admired and has made a significant difference to our play area’.