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Council seeks views on proposed changes to Swindon’s children’s centres

Article By: Laura McCardle, News Editor

Swindon Borough Council is seeking residents’ views on proposed changes to the town’s 14 children’s centres.

The council wants to re-organise the centres so they work more closely together, as well as ensuring resources are targeted in areas where there is most need for them.

Speaking about the consultation, Councillor David Renard, leader of the council, said: “We have to take a fresh look at the way we are providing support to families with children under five. Heads of children’s centres and the council have worked together to discuss how to deliver the best possible services for children and families with reduced resources and increasing demand.

“The work done by children’s centres is hugely valuable, but the way we currently provide the service is not sustainable, and no longer in the best interests of particularly vulnerable children in meeting their needs.

“We have come up with proposals to address these issues and we need people’s views on them so I would urge anyone with an interest in this issue to let us know what they think.”

To view the consultation, which closes on 16 August, visit


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