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Dr Dan Poulter calls on local authorities to back Government’s pledge to improve children’s health

Article By: Laura McCardle, News Editor

Children’s Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter is urging local authorities to back the Government’s pledge to improve children’s health.

Dr Poulter and other experts are also asking them to publish and share good examples of what they are doing for children’s health. They wrote a letter to lead members for children’s services and chairs of health and wellbeing boards asking for them to help the Government’s bid to improve the quality of life of youngsters across the country.

Their plea refers to ‘Better Health Outcomes for Children and Young People: Our Pledge’ where the Government demonstrates its commitment to improving health outcomes for children and pledges to take a number of steps to do this, including putting children and their families at the heart of decision-making and developing clear leadership, accountability and assurance organisations will work in partnership for the benefit of youngsters.

Dr Poulter said: “The Government is leading the agenda to improve the health of children and reduce unacceptable variations in children and young people’s health that we have seen in the past in this country. We have come together to write this letter because children’s health is an issue we want right at the top of the agenda, not just for the NHS, but also for local councils who play such an important role in giving each and every child the very best start in life.

“It is local authorities who play a vital role in making local changes that can make the biggest difference. There is a lot of good working going on out there but I want all local areas to be as good as the best.”


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