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kidsunlimited’s £35,000 donation already being put to good use


Nursery group kidsunlimited who are based in Wilmslow have seen their £35,000 donation to South African charity Ikamva Labantu put to good use in South African pre-schools.

Since kidsunlimited made the donation in March 2013, Ikamva Labantu have been busy at work, by allocating funding to three pre-schools, Emmanuel Educare, Rainbow Siyabathanda Educare and Lutho Educare. All of these pre-schools were visited by kidsunlimited staff visited during their trip to South Africa in March this year.

Ikamva Labantu assessed all three pre-schools on their needs in terms of meeting the minimum standards of the Department of Social Development and the feasibility around the actual renovations. They decided to allocate funds to Emmanuel Educare to ensure that children are safe and that they have the sufficient space. More specifically, they will construct a new roof with new supporting polls, fix the classroom at the back so that it can be used at all times, finish building of the toilets and build a new dividing wall between the kitchen and the classroom.

At Lutho Educare, kidsunlimited’s donation will be added to donations from two local companies in order to build a new classroom for toddler groups. Rainbow Siyabthanda still requires some preparatory work to be completed with the City of Cape Town and the local Ward Council before reconstruction work on their building can be started.

The overall aim of these projects is to ensure the safety of the children and eliminate all hazardous issues, such as unstable walls, roofs, leaking structures and exposed electrical installations and to enable as many pre-schools as possible to meet the minimum norms and standards of the Department of Social Development and become registered. Once registered, the pre-schools will be able to sustain themselves with access to government subsidies.

Jeremy Clark, Development Director at kidsunlimited, said, “I am thrilled with the progress Ikamva Labantu has made since our visit and initial discussions in March. I can’t wait until all the projects are complete and local children are benefiting from them.”