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Children’s author Neil Griffiths visits nursery to boost reading in children

Article By: Julia Corbett, News Editor

Childcare provider Busy Bees has launched their free pre-school interactive story group to engage children in reading from an early age.

Neil Griffiths is the author and creator of the Storysack, which provides children with props and puppets as well as an engaging storybook to boost their interaction with storytelling.

Mr Griffiths welcomed many eager three and four year olds to participate in his performance of two of his stories.

Describing the benefits that interactive story telling with children at a pre-school age can have, Caroline Cooper, nursery manager said: “We believe, here at Busy Bees, that interactive storytelling is extremely important to a child’s development, supporting them not only with their vocabulary, pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation but their social skills too.”

The interactive storytelling session was fully inclusive, with three-year-old Alice and mother Kate Anderson retelling one story using sign language so that Miss Anderson, who has Down Sydrome, could fully participate.

Miss Anderson enjoyed the visual and props based aspect of the session, which enabled her take part in storytelling to her peers.

Group activities such a story-telling can stimulate children’s imagination, and the event demonstrated that the combined use of puppetry, props and storytelling was a successful way to maintain children’s attention and boost their engagement with the sessions.

Mr Griffiths said: “I was lucky enough as a child to be read incredible stories by my father every night. So I never miss an opportunity to tell a story. I adore books, I adore children and what better way to combine the both by coming along to Busy Bees nursery today. Wonderful!”

As well as encouraging children to get involved with interactive reading, parents were invited to participate in the six week programme which is aimed at families of pre-school aged children.

The Busy Bees nursery group will be rolling out the complimentary sessions to other nurseries across the UK from July.


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