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Children at kidsunlimited's Callands Nursery receive letter from the Queen


Children at a kidsunlimited nursery on Gresford Close received a very special letter through the post last week all the way from Buckingham Palace.

Kirsty Ostell, Lady-In-Waiting; sent the letter on behalf of the Queen addressed to the children of kidsunlimited’s Callands nursery. The letter stated that the Queen was touched by the good wishes that the children had sent to mark her 87th birthday and said that the Queen was interested to hear how the nursery held a tea party to celebrate.

For the event youngsters at the kidsunlimited nursery made beautiful crowns using foam hearts, feathers and glitter, they also made little fairy cakes to have at their tea party. Before sitting down for their tea party, the children sat at the table and had their photos taken with their crowns on.

Denise Sharkey, Nursery Manager at kidsunlimited Callands, said, “I was so proud to receive the letter from the Queen and happy that the children gained well deserved recognition for all the hard work they put in to make their tea party a success. We will now proudly display the letter in the main reception for all to see. We really enjoyed our tea party and we hope the Queen enjoyed her special day too.”

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