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Early Years Professionals to become Maths Champions in nurseries

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

Early Years Professionals are to be recruited as local maths champions to inspire nursery staff to develop their own maths skills and to lead innovative practice in maths for children under five.

The move to recruit Early Years Professionals as Maths Champions is part of a grant-funded programme being run by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) in partnership with the Department for Education.

The programme, which is being run over the next two years, also includes fifty-four national training events across England over the next two years, plus two small pilot projects, one on staff flexibility – working with 15 daycare providers to test models of staff deployment and flexibility and one on integrated wrap-around care – which will be 12 trials bringing together day nurseries, childminders, schools and academies

Purnima Tanuku, NDNA’s chief executive said: “We will be exploring ways to address issues such as getting more highly-qualified practitioners working directly with children, with robust professional judgment on staff deployment by those leading practice.

“Particular focuses of our work will be supporting the sustainable provision of the two-year- old free early education offer and trialling approaches to increase provision of flexible, affordable, high-quality care and learning. “The exact details and timing of the programme of work are being developed and agreed in discussion with DfE. Trials on flexibility and out-of-school care will contribute to development of sound policy through evidence from expert practitioners at the frontline in the UK.

“Flexibility trials will focus on two to five-year-olds and work within the current Early Years Foundation Stage regulations. Trials on integrated wraparound care will pilot seamless childcare services for families, finding innovative solutions to partnership working.”

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