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Inspirational ideas for learning with TTS

Article By: TTS Group

TTS, leading supplier of award-winning educational and teaching resources to Primary and Early Years settings have been working with leading educational specialist and consultant, Alistair Bryce-Clegg to develop educational boxes for EYFS and KS1.

Priced at £124.95 each, the Box of Bones (EY04761) and Box of Fairies (EY04765) are open-ended resources that offer rich opportunities for language development, mark making, imaginative and creative thinking. The Boxes ensure high levels of engagement that create environments for deep level learning and sustained shared thinking. They include downloadable materials, a CD-Rom and a book, all designed to inspire creative ways of using these resources.

Within the Box of Bones there is a curious collection of replica bones, claws, skeletons and other resources. Practitioners can create different scenarios to spark imaginations; imagine finding an empty hatched egg, what creature was inside or digging up dinosaur bones from the ground. The box includes; 1 whole egg, 1 cracked open egg, tooth, claw, 20cm bone, 2 brushes, 12 dinosaur skeletons, driftwood, 2 large bean pods, abalone shells and bark.

Mrs V Jenkinson from Orchard Primary School, Kirkby in Ashfield has been using the Box of Bones resource with her class “The topic of dinosaurs has always been a hit in our school and I’m sure in many others. The box of bones would definitely enhance their learning and making the teaching of the topic easier. Children will always produce work of a high standard when they are engaged in a subject. This resource helps that engagement and if used ‘wisely’, could continue to hold their attention for as long as the topic lasts. In summary, we loved it! We thought it was a beautiful resource with great artefacts that were well made and realistic. On the whole, a great resource that would enhance the children’s enjoyment of learning about dinosaurs.”

The Box of Fairies is an enchanting way of letting imaginations soar! Imagine following fairy footprints to a woodland scene complete with camp fire and a table set for tea. Pose questions, such as where does this door lead, what do fairies wear, designed to lead to creative thinking. The box includes; fairy foot stamper, door, keys, bucket, broom, various sizes of wood pieces, watering can, ladder, cake, wheelbarrow, pans, fruit basket, plates and cutlery, moss, sticks, fir cones, pebbles and bark.

Commenting upon the Box of Fairies, within their setting Faye Hall from Abercrombie Primary School, Chesterfield says “A most innovative and inspirational box of resources invaluable to any preschool/Nursery setting. Being able to create scenarios which children will instantly respond to is every teacher's wish and the 'box of fairies' certainly helps with this. The amount of Communication and Language Development Matters that can be addressed using this resource is phenomenal, not to mention Expressive Arts and Design (Being Imaginative), Mathematics and Understanding the World. The box is great value for money as children of all abilities and backgrounds together with EAL, SEN and D children would all benefit from their usage and stimulation.”

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