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kidsunlimited supports South African charity with £35,000 donation


kidsunlimited donates £35,000 to help improve the lives of children in Cape Town townships.

Nursery group kidsunlimited has donated the £35,000 they raised during 2012 to Ikamva Labantu, a well-respected non-profit organisation whose primary objectives are to redress the damaging effects of South Africa's apartheid past and to support South Africa's growing democracy, by providing empowerment through education, economic development and sustainable self-sufficiency.

This impressive sum which has been donated will be used to rebuild and modernise two preschools, Rainbow preschool in Guguletha and Emmanuel preschool in Mfuleni. These pre-schools were chosen following a visit from kidsunlimited’s Development Director, Jeremy Clark and four award winners at kidsunlimited annual awards ceremony, Juli Jones from kidsunlimited Toyota in Derby, Hannah Sherlock from kidsunlimited Clairmont in Wilmslow, Amy Rooney from kidsunlimited Maidstone and Jacinta Dibble from Central Services. During the visit, the personnel from kidsunlimited toured around Cape Town with Ikamva Labantu representatives and were shown around the chosen preschools and told in what ways the money would benefit them.

Ikamva Labantu has recommended that the money donated to the Rainbow preschool in Guguletha should be used for ceiling repairs, replacing broken windows, installing new flooring, installing new sinks and investing in the kitchen. Should there be any money left over, this will be used to purchase some extra resources for the children. The money for the second project Emmanuel in Mfuleni Township will be used to partially rebuild the preschool and provide more substantial materials.

During the visit, kidsunlimited staff also got the chance to visit Ikamva Labantu’s Early Childhood Learning Centre in Khayelitsha. The Centre, aptly named “place of light”, provides a holistic and complete development environment for pre-school children in township communities. The centre also offers local Principals the opportunity to take part in training sessions. Whilst there, staff from kidsunlimited had the opportunity to talk with local Principals and share pictures of the activities the children do within kidsunlimited nurseries.

Jeremy Clark, Development Director at kidsunlimited, said: “We at kidsunlimited are so proud to be supporting such a great charity and projects. It was an inspiring experience for me and the award winners to have the opportunity to visit the amazing people of South Africa.”

The Ikamva Labantu charity, said: “We are amazed at kidsunlimited's fundraising efforts and so proud to partner with such a caring and responsible company who joins hands with Ikamva Labantu in our mission to improve the care and learning environment in township pre-schools.”