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Barnardo’s saves day nursery from closure in dramatic U-turn

Article By: Laura McCardle, News Editor

A leading charity dramatically saved a Sheffield nursery from closure on the day it was due to shut following the protests of parents whose sick children use the facility.

At the start of March, Barnardo’s announced it would be closing Little Green House nursery on 29 March as a result of changes to the way nurseries are funded by local authorities. But last week the charity performed a dramatic U-turn and announced it would in fact be staying open.

The decision to keep the nursery open follows a protest by parents of children who attend the centre.

A Barnardo’s spokesperson said: “The current financial pressures experienced by many organisations and charities has forced us to have to reassess the funding around some of our services, including the Gresley Road nursery in Sheffield.

“Over the past few weeks, Barnardo’s has listened to the concerns of families who use the nursery and looked closely at the local need for the service.

“We are really pleased to have found a way forward that will allow us to keep the Gresley Road nursery open.

“This has been achieved by restructuring the way the nursery caters for the children in age groups making the service more financially viable to run.

“We are absolutely committed to supporting the children and families who attend this nursery and look forward to working closely with parents in order to secure a long term future for the nursery.”


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