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Nurseries are using parent surveys to support inspection, increase occupancy and manage quality all year round

Article By: Ceeda

Strong partnerships with parents are built on day to day actions and relationships, underpinned by regular and systematic review.

Nurseries across the country are benefiting from an innovative service from Ceeda, enabling them to track parents views from initial inquiry to settling in, moving rooms and eventually leaving the nursery. The service delivers a strong evidence base to support inspection, improve quality and promote your nursery.

Carol Chambers, Co-Owner of Hippitots Day Nursery in County Durham says the service is:

"in a different ball park to the surveys we have all put out with newsletters. It really informs what you do. It was described as good practice in our last inspection and we intend to continue using it as a key business tool."

From only £21.76 including VAT per month the service can make a significant impact on service quality and business profitability. Click below to find out more:

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