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kidsunlimited Clairmont blown away by balloon gesture


kidsunlimited Clairmont in Wilmslow received a pleasant surprise in the post on the 21st November, a letter containing £10.

In October 2011 the nursery took part in a balloon launch to raise money to rebuild a nursery in Masubusiswe, South Africa. The balloons were released by the children with a note detailing the nursery’s address, so anyone who found the balloon could inform the nursery of how far it had travelled.

The letter received was from Mark Ireland, who found one of the balloons on his farm in Lincolnshire while ploughing one of his fields. Mark kindly returned the note attached to the balloon with a picture of himself on his combine harvester and a £10 donation to Masubusiswe.

Nursery manager at kidsunlimited Clairmont, Jenni McDougall, said “What a lovely gesture from Mark, it was such a shock to receive the letter over a year after the balloon release. The children were really excited when we shared the letter and enjoyed being shown the distance the balloon had travelled on a map.”

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