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A Statement from our CEO


Following a Channel 4 Dispatches programme ‘How safe is your child’s nursery’ which reported on one child’s tragic death and other very serious care failures at nurseries in England (none of them involving any Asquith Day Nursery) our CEO, Andy Morris has made a statement of reassurance to parents entrusting the care of their children to Asquith Day Nurseries.

Mr Morris said: “The Dispatches programme was heart-breaking and revealed tragic and damning flaws in procedures and care protocol at those nurseries which led to one child’s death and serious injuries to others.

At Asquith we care for over 13,000 children on a daily basis and our publicly stated Number One priorities are safety and security. Our position on this will never alter – and we have no plans to reduce our care ratios in line with latest government thinking.

The welfare of every child we look after is paramount.

As a childcare provider, we have a moral duty of care to ensure that any concerns or incidents of suspected abuse or harm are reported to the relevant Local Safeguarding Children's Board (LSCB) without delay. I think it’s important to reiterate some key points about our safety and security procedures (You can find more detail available on this website too).

We have high security fencing around the premises and secure external doors.

Strict entry procedures using gated intercom systems with CCTV cameras.

All equipment used is suitable and safe for the children. For instance, chairs with metal legs have been replaced throughout with wooden alternatives.

All toys and equipment are checked regularly for safety.

All electrical equipment is checked biannually.

Before opening, the nursery is checked every day by management for potential safety issues.

A fire risk assessment is completed every quarter for each setting.

A risk assessment for all new and current activities is carried out by nursery staff. They will balance educational gains of an activity against any potential risks.

We also employ our own dedicated team of qualified, field-based health and safety professionals to monitor and maintain both company policy and legal requirements.

The safety of the children is maintained in the following ways:

All children must be signed in and out of the nursery.

Children are checked in and out for outdoor play which ensures that a child is never left unattended.

We have developed a proprietary electronic in-house accident reporting system to deliver real-time information. This enables us to monitor and ensure every accident is reported accurately thus improving any future processes.

We also carry out an annual health and safety audit process as well as spontaneous checks by support staff. Every nursery has a health and safety monitoring board which is checked daily.

We ban the use of mobile phones in our nursery rooms and only non-camera models are allowed for outside activities and emergencies.

As Dispatches presenter Morland Sanders said: “Choosing the right nursery is a difficult decision – and there are over 20,000 nurseries to choose from in England alone.”

At Asquith we do everything in our power to ensure that all our parent customers and potential customers are fully informed about our day to day nursery protocols and our overall strategic direction and ambition. Any parent with any question at all regarding Asquith childcare can talk directly to their nursery manager or to our highly experienced Customer Care Team on 01753 201122 or email them on”

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