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Families with children to be championed by Fair4Families campaign in lead up to Spending Review

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

A new campaign from leading children’s charity is asking Chancellor George Osborne to prioritise families with children in any future Government spending plans.

Supporters of the Fair4Families campaign believe that families are being overlooked as a resource for economic and social recovery, with spending cuts on benefits and public services counterproductive to making the most of their potential.

In support of its vision, the campaign draws upon recent statistics compiled by 4Children that show how families feel about their prospects for 2013.

Of those parents with children living in their household surveyed, the findings record that: 75 per cent are anxious about the cost of living; 35 per cent are worried about changes to welfare support; 33 per cent are worried about capped, frozen or reduced salaries; and 29 per cent are anxious about personal debt.

Anne Longfield, chief Executive of 4Children, sees happy and stable families as essential to economic recovery, but shrinking household incomes, cuts to benefits, maternity and paternity pay mean this is unlikely to be achieved without change at the top.

Ms Longfield comments: “Fair4Families speaks for the thousands of families who are reaching breaking point as a result of the rising cost of living and, in many cases, falling household incomes. Families need a helping hand to get them through these hard times.

“This year’s Comprehensive Spending Review will be an important moment for families. They want the Chancellor to put families at the top of the agenda with a new ‘triple lock’ which will mean no further cuts to spending on services or benefits for families with children and a positive offer for the future on the big issues like housing and childcare.”

While focusing on cost increases that are squeezing parents’ finances – such as food and petrol – Fair4Families also highlight the ‘care squeeze’ caused by families being faced with bringing up children at the same time as looking after older relatives.

Launching its campaign this week, Fair4Families is asking the Chancellor to meet with families at 11 Downing Street to discuss key issues relating to housing and childcare.

Fair4Families is supported by The London Early Years Foundation who are urging supporters to sign the online petition here:


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