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PSED resources covered with New TTS Catalogue

Article By: Vivid Communications

Successful Personal, Social and Emotional Development is essential for young children in all aspects of their lives; they are the building blocks of future success in children’s lives. In the revised EYFS, PSED is broken down into three aspects; self confidence and self awareness, managing feelings and behaviour, and also making relationships. TTS has introduced a new catalogue – the EYFS Collection - filled with resources to support and enhance the vital areas of PSED.

Ideal for role play and ICT learning opportunities, the Talking Mirror (EY03239), £36.95 is more than just an attractive piece of furniture. The golden, wooden frame can be attached to the wall but the lightweight material means it can be easily held by small hands. This is great resource for engaging children in fantasy and fairytale role play. The mirror has a recording device that operates by the bright button on the front. Voices can be brought to life with 10 seconds of talk time that can be re-recorded over and over again. The Talking Mirror is great for developing listening skills and for oral rehearsal.

Emotions Nesting Dolls (EY04188), £27.95 represent a range of emotions; happy, calm, sad, frightened and angry so children can discuss and observe what each of these mean. Great for encouraging conversations, for small world play and for story prompting.

The Everyday Objects Basket (EY04251) - £39.95 contains lots of everyday objects that babies encounter around their home. The soft fabric collection of familiar items are safe and engaging, offering a host of learning through play opportunities. Children can learn about the world and how we interact with it, they enjoy imitating real life scenarios – just like Mum and Dad! The basket includes; a set of keys, TV remote control, tissue container and tissues, a purse, a mobile phone, brush, soap and toothpaste.

Great for PSED is the set of 20 Emotions Pebbles (EY04192), £29.99 that have been developed for children as a vehicle to enable them to talk about their feelings. The tactile, smooth pebbles have printed images of children representing; happy, calm, frightened/upset and angry.

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