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“No policies to help working parents pay for childcare” in Prime Minister’s keynote speech

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

A leading childcare voucher provider has criticised the Prime Minister for omitting to mention “much needed policies to help working parents pay for childcare” in his keynote speech at the Conservative Party conference.

Iain McMath, managing director of Sodexo Motivation Solutions

Iain McMath, managing director of Sodexo Motivation Solutions, a leading childcare voucher provider, said: “I think the fact that David Cameron made no mention of childcare in his keynote speech is a great shame given the increasingly alarming costs of childcare in this country and the noise made around the Childcare Commission that is due to give its report soon."

He would like to see the Government increasing the cap on childcare vouchers which would save parents more money.

Mr McMath added: “In these tough economic times, what working parents really need is help where it matters. The government should consider extending the existing tax savings available for childcare vouchers, which provide an invaluable support to parents of all income level through a tax free salary sacrifice scheme.

“Childcare vouchers are a relatively cheap scheme for the government to implement, can save two working parents up to £1,800 a year and save employers money on National Insurance contributions.

"Increasing the cap on this tax free benefit wouldn’t cost much, yet go so far in helping parents make ends meet. Encouraging flexible working should also be considered, it is simple to implement and can make the process of caring for a child significantly easier.”

Mr McMath would also like to see childcare vouchers made available to self-employed parents.


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