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Three Top Early Years Awards for the Dream Drum and Musical Baby Bonding Kit

Article By: Drums for Schools

Nottingham, 8 October, 2012: “Dream Drum” has won the Best resource in the three to five’s category at the 2012 Nursery World Awards and a Silver award at the 2012 Practical Preschool Awards for Music and Multimedia. Their “Musical Baby Bonding Kit” also won a 2012 Practical PreSchool Silver Award.

These Awards exist to acknowledge and reward the most brilliant, innovative and expertly designed equipment for use in professional childcare and educational settings.

The Dream Drum is a unique yet simple pitched percussion instrument with a soothing, meditative sound. It is an immediately accessible instrument and allows for creative and reflective skills to be experienced and developed together. There is a natural resonance that means the Dream Drum caresses the ears and encourages relaxed, attentive listening - a rare quality these days but an absolute essential skill for learning how to engage. It has dozens of applications in SEN settings and, because of the vibrations it makes, is particularly useful for the hearing impaired.

The Dream Drum kit includes the drum, a padded canvas carry case, a drum rest, an introductory guide and three beaters.

The Dream Drum is suitable both for supervised and unsupervised play and can be used indoors and outside. It can be played solo or by 2 or 3 players, it can be used as a sound background for storytelling and play in small groups, or played alongside singing or other percussion or melodic instruments. The Drum is also wonderfully relaxing and satisfying for grown-ups to play.

“The Dream Drum is a unique resource with a unique sound” said the Nursery World judges.

The Musical Baby Bonding Kit is an all-in-one tool for childminders, nurseries and new parents that shows them how to encourage their babies' musical and general development from birth to 6 months, step by step. The Kit includes a beautifully illustrated Guide, a CD which demonstrates the ideal way of singing to babies and a selection of age-appropriate musical instruments, all packaged together in a sturdy bamboo basket.

There are 8 different instruments in the Kit; all made from natural, tactile materials and each instrument is introduced together with a nursery rhyme and a movement. The Kit will help carers build the babies awareness and develop the all-important mutual bonding. The simple, tried and tested approach is based on the latest medical and scientific research and yet is consistent with ancient folk wisdom.

“The Kit is great for creative learning and making relationships.” said the Practical PreSchool testers.

Schools and education providers can buy the award winning Dream Drum and Musical Baby Bonding Kit via the website, Schools and educational establishments are entitled to 30% discount of RRP prices.

Drums for Schools are soon to launch Sound Children, the Early Year division of Drums for Schools, which will have a brand new range of innovative, natural and great value musical products for babies and preschoolers. Please look out for the first ever catalogue, due in January 2013

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