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New pre-schoolers' communication pack launched to coincide with revised Early Years Foundation Stage

Article By: Rachel Baker, News Editor

‘Chatting with Children’, a new activity pack for children aged three to five has been launched to coincide with the revised Early Years Foundation Stage’s new focus on communication and language.

I CAN speech and language therapist Kate Freeman launches new children’s communication pack

The children’s communication charity, I CAN’s speech and language therapist Kate Freeman has compiled the pack that contains 30 easy-to-do, fun activities for early years workers or parents to play with young children.

The I CAN pack also includes top tips and a planning guide for practitioners to develop children’s communication skills in five key areas:

• Listening and attention

• Speaking in sentences

• Talking socially

• Learning and using new words

• Understanding

Communication and language is now one of three prime areas in the revised Early Years ‘curriculum’. The I CAN communication packs will help parents and practitioners to support children at all stages of development to improve the vital communication skills, helping them to make friends and learn throughout their early years.

‘Chatting with Children’ is the third in a series of activity packs developed by I CAN and forms part of the new Early Talkers box-set, supporting babies, toddlers and young children in the key skill of learning to talk.

I CAN is concerned that many people still think that learning to talk happens naturally for children and stresses that children need adult interaction from birth to ensure that they learn this vital skill.

The charity says that with more than half of children starting primary school in socially deprived areas of England with delayed language, communication skills are critical to children’s life chances and future achievement. Vocabulary at five-years-of-age has been found to be the best predictor of whether children who experienced social deprivation in childhood were able to ‘buck the trend’ and escape poverty in later adult life.

Speaking at the official launch of the resource at the Childcare Expo on 28 September, Kate Freeman, I CAN communication advisor said: “Language is the foundation skill for preparing children for school and helping them become ‘life ready’.

“Research has shown that children who start school as confident speakers with good language skills become successful learners and achieve in life. ‘Chatting with Children’ and the Early Talkers box-set will help both parents and early years practitioners give children the best start in life”.

All proceeds go towards I CAN’s work with some of the 1.2 million children in the UK who struggle to communicate.


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