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Treetops Nursery Adopt Guinea Pigs


Children at Treetops Nursery, Ashchurch Road, Tewkesbury have adopted two Guinea Pigs from the ‘Adopt a pet scheme’ run by Pets at Home of Cheltenham.

The children named both their new pets George and Peppa from the well known Peppa Pig character book which is one of their favourite stories. They really enjoy greeting their new pets every morning and help care for them by feeding and cleaning them. After snack time the children feed George and Peppa the remaining fruit and vegetables.

Emily Jones, Trainee Nursery Assistant said ‘The older children understand that we are George and Peppa’s new adoptive parents.’ Sebastian Ranner 22 months loves to handle and cuddle them both and has learned to be gentle with them.

Ofsted found that Tewkesbury were Outstanding with children adopting healthy lifestyles and also with their effectiveness with Partnerships.

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