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Treetops at Matlock celebrate Winnie the Pooh's Birthday


One of our favourite story book characters Winnie the Pooh has celebrated his birthday this week and the children at Treetops Matlock have had a great time celebrating with him!

They also talked about honey and where it comes from and why pooh bear liked eating it so much. They went on a Winnie pooh bear hunt and found him hiding in the garden and tried honey on toast for their snack. They ended the day with a lovely birthday picnic and Winnie the pooh even had his own birthday cake and a candle for Winnie to blow out, party games and dancing. I think he was a very happy bear after his fun filled birthday at Treetops.


Sarah Knowles Deputy Manager-: “We thought it was lovely to celebrate this day as the children love Winnie the pooh and also hope the children remember this fun day at nursery as it was some of their last day as they head to BIG school”.

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