Getting to Grips with the EYFS

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

The new Early Years Foundation Stage is set to come into effect on 1 September, with two new publications having been released by the Pre-school Learning Alliance in order to help nurseries achieve a smooth transition when embracing the new framework.

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The documents ‘Getting to Grips with the EYFS’ are designed to be read alongside the Statutory Framework and explore the key changes providers can expect at Ofsted registration and inspection, as well as covering topics that include implementation, the characteristics of effective learning, age-two project checks and the management of concerns and complaints.

A model ‘Guide to the EYFS’ is also available for parents and carers to download online.

Responding to the news of a revised EYFS framework when it was announced in March, Alliance chief executive Neil Leitch said it was “good news for children, parents and practitioners”, further commenting:

Neil Leitch of the Pre-school Learning Alliance

“We welcome and applaud the Government’s revised EYFS as it restates that the child is at the centre of the framework and focuses on the needs of young children at all points.

“We also welcome that the EYFS reinforces the Alliance’s core belief of learning through play, and that there will be a reduction in the amount of paperwork and bureaucracy that early years practitioners face.

“The clear statement that paperwork and note-keeping is to be used only when absolutely necessary to promote children’s successful learning and development will be welcomed by the sector.

“While we also welcome the introduction of progress checks for children between the ages of two and three, the Government must take note of parental concerns about these checks. A recent Alliance survey of 2,000 mothers and mothers-to-be found that most are worried that the progress check could result in a possible misdiagnosis of their child, given natural fluctuations in children’s development at this age.

“Also, 85 per cent of mothers were concerned about the format of the check report and want one that is easy to read and understand.

Essential Policies and Procedures for the EYFS cover

“The Alliance is pleased that the Government has listened to the early years and childcare sector and amended the earlier proposals in a number of positive ways.”


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