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Sandhurst pre-schoolers have "Olympic Spirit"


Greengables Day nursery children, wearing ‘Spirit of the Games’ T-shirts, staged their own Olympic events on Monday (30th July) when even the mums and dads took a turn celebrating on the medal winners podium.

A velodrome cycling event on the nursery’s rubber floored playground, which is laid out as a miniature road system, complete with signs for road safety lessons, was just one of many sporting and cultural activities at the nursery in Yeovil Road, Owlsmoor to celebrate the London 2012 Games.

Newly appointed Greengables Nursery Manager, Neil Brett, who has worked in the childcare sector for 12 years, said the programme of events is designed to keep the children moving and help them understand Olympic ideals.

In addition to cheering on Team GB in the Olympic Games, staff and children will also be supporting Romanian athletes and studying the culture and traditions of that country. Just returned from a family holiday in Romania, Mariana Buda, mother of one year old Sabina, has promised to cook some traditional dishes for the children and talk about her birthplace.

Taekwondo teacher, Lynne Lewendon, who is mother of three-year-old Kimberley, will be giving age appropriate lessons in the sport to nursery children and there will also be a football class provided by a Total Sports coach.

“We want to give each child special memories associated with this remarkable time and encourage effort and excellence in everything they do so they can become future champions in their chosen fields,” said Neil, who grew up in the Sandhurst area.

“It is great to be back here and working with such a dedicated and motivated team. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role and look forward to welcoming new parents and children to this impressive nursery,” he added.

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