Treetops go for GOLD

logo 08-Aug-12

The babies and children at Treetops Nurseries at Bromborough, Irby and Neston have all jumped on board with the Olympics this year and have all held their very own Olympics style games.

This included a variety of races, obstacle course and freestyle gymnastics. Each game was awarded a Gold Silver and Bronze place. The children were delighted to gain a medal. Each nursery held an awards ceremony afterwards in which these medals were given out by the Manager and Deputy.

This was a fun way to explore their physical development and to take part in such a global celebration.

Joanne Crosby mother of Grace aged 2 said she was delighted with Graces silver medal and Treetops never cease to amaze us parents with their Outstanding activities and ideas. Grace talks none stop about her day in nursery.

Alex Mckewin Curtis mother aged 2 also added that the outside area always looks so much fun and the children look so happy. My little boy is exhausted when he comes home from a nursery day

An Ofsted quote ‘Daily access to an excellent outdoor play space encourages children’s physical health and overall learning and development.

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