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If you go down to the woods today!!!


………… You will surely see the children from Treetops!

Children from Treetops Nurseries on the Wirral have had great fun exploring at Eastham Country Park this week. Not only are the children enjoying their adventurous trips out, they are also learning so much through discovering the outdoors. From the moment the children stepped into the woods, the little explorers had huge smiley faces. They splashed in the puddles, jumped into the squelchy mud and watched out for all different animals.

The children achieved many areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum on their adventure. They had fun working on their physical development as they balanced along the logs and took great leaps across stepping stones, counting as they went along. They explored their knowledge and understanding of the world by finding lots of different animals, including around 40 squirrels! The children investigated the bear pit and the fountain within the woods, extending their imaginations. They then went on a bear hunt; Euan aged 3 shouted “Kerry, watch out, there is a gorilla behind you!”

The children ended their adventure by finding a pirate ship, which was very exciting! Everyone got on board and became pirates, holding hands to jump from deck to deck. Sonny aged four gathered his fellow pirates by shouting “Ahoy, ahoy my pirate friends”.

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