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Infant & Toddler Forum holds study day on healthy eating habits

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

The is holding a study day to support families of young children to develop healthy eating habits.

The study day will be held on Thursday 25 October at the Wellcome Collection Conference Centre in London.

The annual study day will focus on how health and child care professionals can work together with families to promote and support healthy eating in children.

It will focus on the importance of the early years diet on future development and the impact the family environment has on positive eating habits.

There will also be an interactive seminar programme giving practical guidance on how to convey key messages to parents and carers about what and how to feed toddlers.

Judy More, paediatric dietitician, will be giving a hands on session looking at the essential components for good health and development both now and in the future.

Zelda Wilson, dietitian and director of Leading Edge Training and Coaching will be giving a seminar on how to effectively communicate with family members.

While Professor Paul Gately from Leeds Metropolitan University and founder of More Life will be running a session on simple, practical ways to help support families in preventing and managing obesity in the early years.

More information on the study day can be found on the Infant & Toddler Forum website.


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