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Advanced daycare facility to be launched in Windsor by Asquith Day Nurseries

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Asquith Day Nurseries are scheduled to open a new high-tech and energy efficient facility on Monday July 2, thanks to a £1m investment made with the ambition of setting new industry standards.

The new Windsor Day Nursery, constructed a short walk from the provider’s current 127 Leonards Road facility, is not only the most advanced childcare facility of the company’s eighty-one nursery portfolio, but is also one of the most advanced nurseries in Europe.

Innovative features incorporated into its expert design include fingerprint scanning at entry, solar panels and ‘highest-tech’ fire safety precautions, together with surveillance equipment to provide parents with peace of mind regarding the safety of their child. Staff will be able to encourage learning using interactive white board technology, with the site also including a special children’s kitchen and a garden area ideal for growing vegetables.

Describing the nursery’s opening as a “landmark event” for the company CEO Andy Morris says: “This is a flagship nursery for the industry and for Asquith. It’s a blueprint for the future. We have spent months planning this opening, right down to the very last detail. For example, as part of our commitment to extend the education and learning experience for our children beyond the nursery rooms themselves, we have installed a small wind turbine that can generate enough power to run a radio – and this will be used to teach children more about the environment.”

Mr Morris continues: “Windsor Day Nursery and Pre-School will be more energy efficient than any of our other eighty nurseries across the country. The emphasis is on safety and energy efficiency and we have chosen state-of-the-art materials throughout. We are effectively future-proofing this nursery.”

Image: Asquith Day Nurseries CEO Andy Morris


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