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The charity, Acorn Childcare, acquires two more nurseries

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

Acorn Childcare in Milton Keynes has now expanded to ten nurseries, after it took over two nurseries run by Milton Keynes Council.

Westcroft and Fledglings nurseries in Milton Keynes, which had been earmarked for closure by Milton Keynes Council, are now part of Acorn’s newly established not-for-profit company which has charitable status.

The plan is to eventually move over all the other Acorn nurseries into the new charity.

A spokeswoman for Acorn Childcare said: "The two new nurseries are already enjoying the changes introduced by Acorn, with meals now being freshly prepared on site by the newly appointed nursery chefs (who are also positive male role models for the children.)

"Other changes include the introduction of Forest Schools, which for the Westcroft children take place in a wood just five minutes’ walk away, with Acorn’s own Forest School leaders."

Kids Play is taking over the running of the other two council run nurseries, Little Chestnuts and Wolverton.


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