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Baby chicks join the family at Ayr nursery


The Careshare nursery in Ayr has welcomed some new additions.

The nursery recently took delivery of several eggs and an incubator and eagerly anticipated the arrival of some baby chicks.

There was great excitement when the eggs began to move and then crack until finally Daisy, the very first chick, was hatched. Daisy was joined shortly after by four brothers and sisters and the nursery children were ecstatic to meet the new arrivals.

Comments from the excited children during the process have included:-

“The man put them in the box. They heat up then they pop out.” Campbell

“It’s a box with eggs. The chicks are inside the egg.” Alexander K

“The little chicks are going to come out.” Craig

“They’re wiggling because there’s a chick in them trying to get out.” Blair B

“I think I saw that one move. It rocked.” Jessica

Nursery manager Vicky McLachlan said; “This has been an amazing project for everyone at the nursery. The children have been fascinated by the whole process and were so looking forward to the chicks hatching.

“We have been taking lots of photographs and parents have been able to follow the progression of the eggs on our website and Facebook page. Daisy is special as she was the first chick to hatch but all the babies have been welcomed by the children and their first few days of life are being carefully watched.”

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