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Early years practitioners have “key role” to play in promoting healthy, active lifestyles

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

Early years practitioners have a “key role” to play in promoting healthy, active lifestyles among pre-school children, according to the Pre-School Learning Alliance.

Its latest publication, ‘Healthy and Active Lifestyles for the Early Years’, aims to give practitioners advice and guidance as to how they can actively support children and families to live a healthier life.

A spokesman for the Pre-School Learning Alliance said: “'Healthy and Active Lifestyles for the early years' arose out of an atmosphere of despair and is our response to the almost daily stream of media headlines outlining how unhealthy the lifestyles of today’s generation of children are.

“Of the many issues where it is tempting to look back to a bygone golden age, the sense of freedom lost for children to run around, play in risk free environments and ‘come back when you’re hungry’ to a hearty, healthy meal, is possibly the strongest.”

The book “demonstrates the key role that early years services can play in addressing this worrying position”, according to the early years charity.

The book, written by practitioners, gives initiatives on providing children with a balanced diet and planning energetic activities. The Pre-School Learning Alliance has also just produced ‘Small Messy Play Hands’ with a specific focus on traditional messy play activities.

For more information, go to the online shop at the Pre-School Learning Alliance website


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