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Children and young people's charities most at risk from austerity measures

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

A National Children’s Bureau (NCB) report, ‘Beyond the Cuts’, has furthered concerns that some charities may be unable to continue operating only a year from now, estimating a £405m statutory funding loss to impact between now and 2016.

The NCB is adamant that children and young people’s charities are most at risk from this funding shortfall, as they are far less likely to receive help from corporate funds. While the report also records that some charities have already taken drastic measures, cutting back on employment and seeing a reduction in their capabilities, with many looking towards mergers to achieve a more secure future.

NCB chief executive Dr Hilary Emery said: “Funding cuts of close to half a billion pounds is not good news for children and young people. And it’s not good news for a sector reeling from both the burden of an economic downturn, decreasing sources of public funding and increasing demands.”

Dr Emery urged the Government to do all it can to help: “Shutting up shop is only a short term answer to a long term problem. While, Children’s charities themselves must be at the forefront of creating solutions, there is still a role for national government to put its weight behind the development of new partnerships and new ways of working.”

In response, the NCB wants Government ministers to support a nationwide survey and analysis of the impact of austerity upon children and younger people’s charities, the forming of a coherent strategy to assist the voluntary sector, and a clearer policy on how local integration and joint-working can aid the work of those charities that are struggling.


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