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Early Years Literacy goes from strength to strength at TTS

Article By: Vivid Communications

This year TTS has introduced over 30 NEW literacy resources for early years. Working with some top experts in early education and child development these new literacy resources encourage creative communication, they promote early chatter, inspire young storytellers and support emergent writers. We have detailed below a list of some of the most exciting...

Creative Painting Window – (EY04534) £219.95

Get creative with this lovely painting window. The acrylic screen is easily cleaned so that a variety of art works can be achieved. The sturdy frame means that it can be left outside. The versatility of the resource enables it to be used in landscape or portrait format. Made from European Redwood (FSC) it is a lovely resource for developing creative and fine motor skills.

Alphabet Owls – (EY04132) £89.95

26 beautiful little owls that feature letters from the alphabet. Each owl is handcrafted to give a unique and detailed appearance. The owls feature both upper and lowercase letters and the vowels are differentiated with a different colour. They make a super way of learning initial sounds as well as gaining an awareness of alphabetical order and recognition. The set would make a lovely treasure collection as well as a great addition to small world play.

Superhero Dress Up Set 2 – (EY04172) £49.95

Following the success of its original Dress Up Set and after feedback from it’s customers, TTS has now launched Superhero Dress Up Set 2. This new set is even more open ended and will appeal to both boys and girls. It includes a set of three outfits, each includes a glittering cape, mask and pair of gauntlets. Will children be a bird, a plane or their own little Superhero?

3 Bears Story Telling Dolls – (EY04194) £19.99

The Russian doll set is a great way to learn through play. It provides the chance to make the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears really come alive. Children will enjoy handling and stacking these dolls, whilst learning and re-telling this classical story. A bright interactive resource that is also great for mathematical language development.

Easi Phones – (EY04195) £99.95

No Batteries Required! – With this set of 6, children can take Easi-Phones anywhere with their 50-60m range, The 10 second pre-record facility means the children can listen to your message when played back. This interactive ICT resource features a realistic call waiting function, bringing real life to your learning environment. They are also rechargeable with a docking station so that they can be fully charged after each use. Great for developing collaborative play as well as communication and listening skills.

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