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Healthy eating the goal for Innsworth nursery

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Staff and children of The Old Station Nursery, in Innsworth, have embraced the ‘Happy Body, Happy Me’ campaign instigated by the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) thanks to the addition of new raised flower beds that will enable children to grow their own vegetables.

The nursery hopes to support the drive to encourage healthy eating at a young age, with youngsters expected to enjoy snacks made from tomatoes, spring onions, sweet peas and lettuce, to be included in the menus of in-house chefs once they are ready to pick.

Pleased to welcome the development, manager Tracey Wilce commented: “We’re lucky to have lovely gardens and we’re planning to make use of them in a healthy way that the children can become involved in. We’ll let them get their fingers dirty planting the vegetables and then let them help out with tending to them as the weeks go on.”

Ms Wilce went on to add: “As any parent knows, it can be hard to encourage children to east healthy food like vegetables, but if you get them involved in the growing stage, they will have more interest.”

“We did a bit of test run planting and growing some carrots last year which we let the children try, but now we want to take that a stage further and offer a wider range which they will eat.”

The NDNA campaign was launched in 2007 and is aimed towards giving children fun activities that result in a healthy lifestyle, rather than purely focusing on the education of it.

This weekend the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges launched a campaign on the growing levels of obesity in the UK, calling for Government action after current estimates were found to predict that half of children may be obese by 2020.

Image: the raised flower beds of The Old Station Nursery, courtesy of Shooting Star PR


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